Skating To The Top

Image-12 (1)By: Junior Krizia Koenig

    Concordia Freshman Andy Deng was just five years old when he found his connection to figure skating.

“I went to a public skate session and I really liked it.    After that I decided I wanted to get into competitive skating,” commented Deng.

    But it wasn’t until only three years ago that he became fully dedicated and passionate for skating. He worked hard, which paid off when he made it through regionals and sectionals his first year competing. Deng skated in both singles and pairs at an intermediate level. After making it through regionals and sectionals, he competed at nationals.

   God has truly blessed Deng with the incredible opportunity to keep competing and growing in his figure skating skills. On the weekend of January 19, at the Midwest sectionals, Deng excitingly placed second place in the intermediate men’s, and first place in the juvenile pairs category.

    Some competitions that Deng has competed in include Skate Detroit, Skate Milwaukee, Battle of the Blades in Fort Wayne, and if he qualifies he will compete at regionals, sectionals, and nationals.

    Deng’s goal is to one day be an official member of the USA Figure Skating Team of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Andy!

Volunteers Surprise Coach With New Cadet Wrestling Room

With the help of more than 70 volunteers and more than $25,000 in donations and donated time and goods, the Concordia Lutheran High School wrestling room recently received a much-needed upgrade.

Over the Christmas break, scores of parents, Cadet wrestlers and alumni worked to clean and renovate a room that has had more than 50 years of use. The best part — they did it as a surprise for their coach, Jamie Jones, a 1991 graduate and former wrestler himself.

“I feel humbled that so many people would do this for the program,” he said. “It really adds a layer of class to the room.”

Along with needed replacements to the mats, lighting and paint, the room now features memorabilia from the years of Cadet wrestlers who have come through the program, and the team is working on adding a wall to feature the team and individual champions since 1967, the first recorded championship of the program.

“We want to give many thanks to those who gave money, their precious time and talents, and other resources to make this project happen,” said Tony Hudson, assistant wrestling coach. “These volunteers honor the legacy of the program and how the great sport of wrestling impacted their lives. Rehabbing the wrestling room meant building upon the culture of unity and strength the Cadet wrestling family already possesses.”

Taking One For The Team

By: Senior Kennedy Trice

Current sophomore, Brandon Davis, was only a freshman when he was called to start as quarterback for the Concordia Cadets football team last fall. This sudden change was due to the injury of current senior, Jake Byrd, late in the season last year during a game against Carroll. Davis was the starting quarterback for the freshmen team, but had no experience playing on varsity.

“I never would have thought I’d have to start on one of the most important positions on the field. I was nervous, but at practices it felt different; like I had to go harder to show the upperclassmen that the season wasn’t over and that they could trust me.” After leading the Cadets to a victory over Northside, Davis had gained the trust of his teammates and went on to play a great game against Luers in their first sectional game. Unfortunately, the Cadets lost late in the game and their season came to an early end.

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Marching Cadets Take Steps To State

By Senior Alexa Hoover

Band season is in full swing and the Marching Cadets are working hard preparing for another shot at a State title.

This week begins the eliminations at Lafayette Jefferson High School for Regional Competition. The band and colorguard have already put in over 200 hours of practice this season in hopes to advance to Semi-State next weekend.

This year Concordia has received first place with multiple distinction awards at every site they have competed at.

“I think our success can be attributed most directly to the focus and hard work we have put into rehearsals. We are all clearly excited about making the show as great as possible,” Drum major and junior Andrew Schroeder commented.

“The maturity of music and drill in our show this year has been impressive to the judges!” Senior and drum major Katie Milliman added.

Many people say that “practice makes perfect”, but the marching band staff at Concordia likes to say that “perfect practice makes perfect.”

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Hallway Havoc: Senior hallway decorations taken down after some deemed against school’s core values

By Senior Rylee Light

Starting off homecoming week with nothing but excitement, joy, and high hopes, but not exactly ending that way.

     Every year for homecoming each grade decorates their own hallway with a theme. This year’s seniors had the theme of horror, which was in the main hallway, as every senior class does each year. Continue reading “Hallway Havoc: Senior hallway decorations taken down after some deemed against school’s core values”

Sing Out Loud!

CLHS Sunday Story By: Kennedy Trice

One of the most special things an A Cappella member can experience is participating in the CLHS Sundays.

The early morning call times are soon forgotten after each member of the choir get to fellowship with one another and praise God in song. It is true what they say,

“A family that prays together, stays together.”

The A Cappella choir is considered one big family, and worshiping together is one of the many important things that keeps us connected with Christ at the center.

Every few Sundays, we visit different Lutheran church congregations, and get the opportunity to worship with their communities as well as fellowship with them. The whole experience not only helps bring the whole choir together, but it strengthens all of our individual relationships with God.

“CLHS Sundays are a great worship opportunity for the A Cappella choir. I look forward to and enjoy these experiences praising God through song with so many of my closest friends.”

That’s what senior Lainey Bentz commented when asked about what CLHS Sundays meant to her. Not only is the worship such an amazing part of the experience but so is the encouragement and praise we receive from different members of the congregation afterwards. It is really interesting and heartwarming to see what songs or moments affect different people in the audience. The A Cappella choir is appreciative of a chance to praise God with one another and share the Gospel this year.
Psalm 69:30- “I will praise God’s name in song and glorify with thanksgiving.”

Go See Black Panther!

         This weekend I was able to indulge in African American pride publicly. We went to watch Black Panther on Saturday night and our theater was packed. Although there wasn’t an overwhelming tone of slavery and oppression, there were several metaphors that hit deep. The crowd was wowed by the special effects and graphics for the film, but even more touched by the impact of the words. They made the villain relatable and hard to dislike. All the characters were easy t get attached to and feel as if you somehow knew them. Almost all the cast was African American along with the director. Black Panther has made $360 million worldwide in just a weekend. This is an outstanding number. These numbers have shocked the black community and given everyone something to be impressed by. It’s an honor to have been able to watch this film. Black children have someone to watch and look up to, that hasn’t always been the case when watching superhero movies. They have someone who looks like them. That’s probably my favorite factor about the movie.

      This Marvel movie is one of the longer ones, being a little over two hours. Black Panther is unrelated to any other Marvel movie, where most of them are somehow tied together. This allowed people who wouldn’t normally watch superhero movies to enjoy and fully understand it without background knowledge. The film has raised the bar completely for films. The story is about a king who overcomes the death of his father and rules Wakanda. He faces personal challenges and has to defeat his cousin in order to earn his throne back. T’Challa is exposed to demons of his father’s past and has to cope with them.


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