New Semester, New Mindset

 By: Alitza Harris

As a senior, I have completed 3 years of high school already. That being said, I’m drained. Christmas break was amazing, but coming back from that was one of the most difficult adjustments I have had to make. Getting back in the routine of things, meeting my new teachers, and learning new material are all frustrating. All my mind seems to be taken up with is my 18th birthday, spring break, prom, and graduation. These upcoming months are going to be amazing for me, but man school is really killing my vibe. The first couple weeks back were extremely tough, my body was used to staying up until 3am, not waking up at 7am. Since Ive gotten into the flow of things though I’ve been prospering. My grades are great, I’ve been getting healthier, and most importantly my relationship with God is getting more intense. Although I hate to admit it sometimes, Concordia is where I belonged during my high school career, it impacted my life forever. I will miss it when I’m gone, but I’m only going to grown from here on out. Despite the obstacles I face, I’m trusting that God will build and restore me in all the right ways. I will return to Concordia and visit my favorite teachers when I feel the time is right. I was blessed to have this opportunity.

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