Sing Out Loud!

CLHS Sunday Story By: Kennedy Trice

One of the most special things an A Cappella member can experience is participating in the CLHS Sundays.

The early morning call times are soon forgotten after each member of the choir get to fellowship with one another and praise God in song. It is true what they say,

“A family that prays together, stays together.”

The A Cappella choir is considered one big family, and worshiping together is one of the many important things that keeps us connected with Christ at the center.

Every few Sundays, we visit different Lutheran church congregations, and get the opportunity to worship with their communities as well as fellowship with them. The whole experience not only helps bring the whole choir together, but it strengthens all of our individual relationships with God.

“CLHS Sundays are a great worship opportunity for the A Cappella choir. I look forward to and enjoy these experiences praising God through song with so many of my closest friends.”

That’s what senior Lainey Bentz commented when asked about what CLHS Sundays meant to her. Not only is the worship such an amazing part of the experience but so is the encouragement and praise we receive from different members of the congregation afterwards. It is really interesting and heartwarming to see what songs or moments affect different people in the audience. The A Cappella choir is appreciative of a chance to praise God with one another and share the Gospel this year.
Psalm 69:30- “I will praise God’s name in song and glorify with thanksgiving.”

Go See Black Panther!

         This weekend I was able to indulge in African American pride publicly. We went to watch Black Panther on Saturday night and our theater was packed. Although there wasn’t an overwhelming tone of slavery and oppression, there were several metaphors that hit deep. The crowd was wowed by the special effects and graphics for the film, but even more touched by the impact of the words. They made the villain relatable and hard to dislike. All the characters were easy t get attached to and feel as if you somehow knew them. Almost all the cast was African American along with the director. Black Panther has made $360 million worldwide in just a weekend. This is an outstanding number. These numbers have shocked the black community and given everyone something to be impressed by. It’s an honor to have been able to watch this film. Black children have someone to watch and look up to, that hasn’t always been the case when watching superhero movies. They have someone who looks like them. That’s probably my favorite factor about the movie.

      This Marvel movie is one of the longer ones, being a little over two hours. Black Panther is unrelated to any other Marvel movie, where most of them are somehow tied together. This allowed people who wouldn’t normally watch superhero movies to enjoy and fully understand it without background knowledge. The film has raised the bar completely for films. The story is about a king who overcomes the death of his father and rules Wakanda. He faces personal challenges and has to defeat his cousin in order to earn his throne back. T’Challa is exposed to demons of his father’s past and has to cope with them.


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New Semester, New Mindset

 By: Alitza Harris

As a senior, I have completed 3 years of high school already. That being said, I’m drained. Christmas break was amazing, but coming back from that was one of the most difficult adjustments I have had to make. Getting back in the routine of things, meeting my new teachers, and learning new material are all frustrating. All my mind seems to be taken up with is my 18th birthday, spring break, prom, and graduation. These upcoming months are going to be amazing for me, but man school is really killing my vibe. The first couple weeks back were extremely tough, my body was used to staying up until 3am, not waking up at 7am. Since Ive gotten into the flow of things though I’ve been prospering. My grades are great, I’ve been getting healthier, and most importantly my relationship with God is getting more intense. Although I hate to admit it sometimes, Concordia is where I belonged during my high school career, it impacted my life forever. I will miss it when I’m gone, but I’m only going to grown from here on out. Despite the obstacles I face, I’m trusting that God will build and restore me in all the right ways. I will return to Concordia and visit my favorite teachers when I feel the time is right. I was blessed to have this opportunity.

Annual Pro Life Trip to Depart Soon

By Haley Wade

Every year, the Pro Life trip leaves in January to go march against abortion in the frigid Washington D.C. The group is at that exciting time again where they get to plan and prepare, and many of the students going are eagerly looking forward to the trip.

Senior Bailey Coburn says, “It’s a super cool experience, and I think that it’s a good opportunity for anyone who considers themselves Pro Life. The rally is cool, but the March is also cool. It’s really moving.” Continue reading “Annual Pro Life Trip to Depart Soon”

What Better Way to Start the Christmas Season?

Elf, Jr.Cast List

By: Haley Wade

The new drama season has started, and the toy box play for this year is Elf, Jr. The two main roles are Buddy the Elf played by Caleb Zeckzer and Jovie played by Maddie Nix. The story is very similar to that of the movie it based off of, but it is a shorter, condensed version of the Broadway musical. Elf, Jr. is a musical as well, and the story stays consistent with that of its original. There’s also a lot of the same characters from the movie, such as: Deb (the bubbly receptionist that is a fan of Buddy), Fake Santa, and even the two security guards in the Empire State Building. There’s a large representation of grades in the cast list, ranging between mostly sophomores though seniors for the onstage roles – the two main leads are even played by a sophomore and a junior. There’s also a fair representation of all the grades in the ensemble.

The entire cast is buzzing with excitement over the show, and every single part is fun because everyone is involved. Although there was some momentary disappointment over not achieving a specific part, it quickly melted away as the cast found each role to be enjoyable. The theater department is looking forward to sharing this fun, lovable play and spreading the warm and cozy magic of Christmas. Showtimes are December 2nd at 7:30 pm and 3rd at 2:00 pm in the CLHS auditorium. Elf, Jr. is going to be a heartwarming you won’t want to miss! And maybe – just maybe – you’ll leave finding that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.

Starting the Basketball Season with a Win

Girls Basketball

By: Alitza Harris

The girls basketball team put their minds to it last night and completely destroyed New Haven High school. Both JV and Varsity came out with a win. They worked together as a team to pull out the dub. No one expected the girls to get that kind of a win for the first game, but it was a great one. Hard work truly does pay off.

Running to Success!

The boys and girls cross country teams have come a long way this season. They have had a few tough meets and many injuries throughout the season. The girls and boys teams are both very different.

The girls team is very young and consist of many freshman. The leading runner for a majority of the season was Callie Hoover. They started the season being mediocre and ended being great. They won the SAC meet by a tie breaker to Dwenger. Carmen Trier won the tie breaker by having a faster time than their 6th runner. They then beat all the odds and kept advancing. They advanced passed sectionals, Regionals, Semi-state and then made it to state. They ended up in 22nd place out of around 400 teams.

The boys team also had a slow start this year. Their leading runner was sophomore, Reece Gibson. They had a lot of injuries. Most of the Team was injured at one point. They then won SAC by one point. They then advanced at sectionals, regionals, semi-state and then went on to state. At state they got 18th place. The top runner, Reece Gibson placed in the top 20. He was the only underclassman to do so. Great job to all the cross country runners! Keep running hard! Good luck next season and with all your training!

By: Sydney Webber

Kickin’ it at State

On Saturday, October 28, the boys soccer team played the state championship. Not only was this our senior soccer boys’ first state championship within their four years of high school, but it was the first time that the Concordia boys soccer team ever went to state. Coached by Kevin Macke, the boys put sweat, blood, and tears into this season. Some injuries occurred, but the boys pulled through ending with an amazing season and memories they’ll always remember. Though they didn’t win, the boys played a season they’ll never forget.

By: Hailey Faurote